The advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution and ever evolving technologies has turned the marketing landscape into a highly dynamic and fast changing environment. Marketers must stay on their toes and be quick in adapting to these rapid changes in order to stay relevant to their audiences.

2018 has shown us that marketing has come a long way from being all about communication, to creating vivid experiences that leave an impact with the audiences. In 2019, the influx of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Big Data and Automation will bring about a massive change in the way brands connect with their audiences, making it imperative for them to move closer to their customers than ever before, in a hyper-competitive world.


Artificial Intelligence Will Rule 2019

There is no doubt that AI will continue to be hot in the marketing landscape with more and more marketers adopting the technology to create impactful engagement with their audiences. AI is empowering brands through:


AI assists marketers in automating their marketing, learning from past communication, customer behaviour and disseminating relevant content basis the insights, specific to individual segments or customers. This will allow marketers to dynamically tailor content to customers on a real-time basis without any manual intervention.


Chatbots will get smarter and greatly aid in conversational marketing through efficient understanding of customer’s behaviour and needs. AI helps chatbots respond to complex queries, predict behaviour, communicate in a personalized manner, and improve accuracy of responses over time.

Predicting Behaviour

Through Machine Learning and Big Data, marketers will now be able to predict their audience’s behaviour through deploying robust algorithms and models to analyse past interactions, need assessment and customer segmentation, thereby suggesting appropriate strategies to improve conversions and engagement.


AI will play a greater role in the content space with platforms using Machine Learning capabilities to create personalized and immersive content in the form of designs, videos, blog posts, which are undistinguishable from those created by humans.

73% Business leaders believe AI will transform marketing


You Can’t Ignore The Voice

You can't ignore voice

The rise in digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby have brought about a disruption in the way web searches were being carried out. Voice is the new norm in marketing, changing way customers interact and engage with brands. Revenue generated by voice searches is likely to hit $19 billion by 2022, with most of these searches happening through mobile. Brands entering this space will need to focus on being optimized to adapt to voice search and conversational queries.


Personalization is the Key


Audiences no longer appreciate the legacy ‘one size fits all’ advertising and the demand for unique, personalized communication will be greater than ever before in 2019. The spread of omni-channel marketing strategies has enabled collection of data at each audience touchpoint, which coupled with intelligent Machine Learning capabilities, will enable marketers to cater to an ‘audience of one’ creating unique, personalized communication for each individual customer. Customers appreciate not being treated as a part of a crowd and form a deeper connect to content that is relational to their tastes, preferences and needs.

62% of consumers expect personalised communication


Keep My Data Safe

Data Security

Customers will increasingly demand that their data be treated with utmost care and stringent security norms be put in place so that it is not misused in terms of financial fraud, identity theft or just being sold. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), taking effect in Europe in 2018, data security has become a major concern for customers globally. Therefore, brands which can offer a safe business experience will stand out.


Video Marketing to Continue its Reign

Video marketing

There isn’t any need to reiterate the significance and power of videos to any marketing strategy. Nearly 80% of consumer internet traffic in 2019 will be in video form. Unique, personalized videos will become the norm for customers to form a stronger connect and loyalty to a brand. Moreover, brands will focus on clutter-breaking live videos, enabling real-time interaction with the audiences for deeper engagement. 51% of marketers globally believe video to have the best ROI and with technologies rapidly evolving to make video creation easier, faster and less costly than ever before, it has become imperative for brands to maximize their focus and resources in the medium.

OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and JioCinema and the demand for quality content will rise owing to faster internet and upcoming 5G revolution. Another trend changing the video landscape is the rise of vertical videos and 2019 will see more innovative ways of storytelling through this format, maximizing its potential.

Vertical videos have 90% completion rate


Good Times for Media Ahead

marketing grows

Fueled by the General Election Campaign 2019, media in India is set to achieve a healthy growth in 2019.

Television in India will continue to score in terms of penetration and growth, with advertising revenues set to maintain a steady course.

Online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar and Prime Video will increase revenues at a CAGR of 15% for the next five years.

Amongst all traditional media, OOH will continue to show the strongest growth with increasing focus on innovations, experiential communication and digital OOH.

64% of marketers will increase their digital marketing spends in 2019 with a focus on data driven personalization in content marketing, search and social media.


Micro-Marketing, the Need Of The Hour

micro marketing


In today’s marketing scenario, it’s not enough to only reach the right audience with targeted communication, but approaching them with more personalized messaging is extremely crucial in their customer journey. With the boom of AI, and the increasing impact of technologies such as Edge Computing, Marketing Automation, IoT, it will become easier to reach the customer at the right time and place, with the most impactful messaging.

60% higher engagement rate through influencer campaigns


Micro-Influencers Set to Rise

micro influencers

There will be a rapid shift from celebrity influencers to micro-influencers and more brands have joined the game to form a more meaningful connect with their audiences and increase brand authenticity. The number of micro influencers has been on a rise owing to the audience’s demand for recommendations from a more personal, credible and relatable source.


Mobile-First 5G Enabled Technologies to Emerge

mobile first 5g

With 395 million mobile internet users in India, the demand for mobile first experiential services is set to rise exponentially, catering to the ever-decreasing audience attention span. Audiences no longer want to trust what they see and hear and are shifting their loyalties to more immersive experiences. 5G will enable data-intensive technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality to become more mainstream, bringing the product or service closer to the audiences. Expect an explosion in 5G enabled devices and the foundation being set for 5G services in 2019 with the launch expected to be a year away.

395 million mobile internet users in India


Responsible Marketing and the Rise of Gen Z

gen z

The rise of Gen Z is impossible to ignore. They seek authenticity as well as social responsibility and sustainability from brands. In a world full of uncertainty and the re-emergence of barriers, customers need to be reassured that brands are not here just for their self-interest but also to bring about a positive change in the lives of the people and society.

78% consumers prefer to buy from socially responsible brands


Going Beyond English

local languages

Marketers will adopt a more localized approach to their marketing activities, optimizing their collateral, communication and searchability to suit local languages. AI will make linguistic understanding and translation of content into regional languages simpler and more accurate, enabling the best and most relevant responses to the audiences in their local languages.

500 million users to access internet in regional languages by 2021

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